Friday, September 21, 2012

Introduction to Insanity

So... it's come to this has it?  A teenage life and young adult life all over the internet and i have finally retired my time on various forums and have resorted to giving my opinions on a single blog that nobody wants to read.  I hate getting older.

Well as i said, i used to have a fairly active life on forums, have even been the "head" admin of one or two so i know all about that sort of thing but, in the end it all grew ever so tiresome and i just wanted something where there is no pressure to do anything at regular intervals (a.k.a. laziness).  So here i am.   And if you're reading this that means you have at least SOME interest in what's going on.

Rather than constantly just put up random thoughts of the day with something slightly meaningful tucked away in there i want to do different segments.  And these are the segments you'll be seeing.  Each Post will have the segment name in the title so you know what to ignore if you don't care about a certain portion of it.

Campfire Morals - In this variety of blog post i'll tell a story or two that are funny or nice or whatever.  At the end i will attempt to apply something meaningful to the story to maybe think about yourself or your situation and find ways to improve, things to uplift you, or things that could get you on the right step to getting closer to God.

Ghost's Angry Reviews - An old segment from my forum days (i was known as Ghost on most of the forums i went to).  These will be reviews of mostly video games, but i may venture into movies, television shows, or even generalized nerd culture.  They will probably be quite long but i try to inject an ample dose of comedy in there.  May even have some of my friends help me co-write a review or two.

I Found It On The Internet - A random sampling of funny images or videos that i found particularly hilarious in the last little bit.  Just a sort of... "if you haven't seen this yet then here it is!"

Ramblings of Madness - This is basically a catch all.  The title "Anything that didn't fit in the previous category or anything i just feel like talking about for no reason" was just a little too long.  Basically anything goes here. 

So i hope you all see something you might be interested in and possibly want to see me do more in the future.  If not... oh well it'll still be here.


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