Monday, April 22, 2013

Ramblings of Madness - Not A Weekly Blog?

Yeah cause that happened....

Hey everyone... wait...
Hey to the people who regularly read this blog... er... well screw it

Hey Dave, Seth, Hillary, and potentially Daman, Zach and Angel!

Obviously as you have seen just from looking at the monthly breakdown of this thing, I'm not doing something every week and you may be wondering why that is.  Actually you probably are thankful I'm not spamming up Facebook with randomness but I digress.

Usually when someone hasn't been posting something regularly after they say they have it's because they have been planning something big, or life has gotten in the way.  While I HAVE been working on my book, I must report that...well... neither of those reasons are why.

Here to answer why is the most cliche thing i can think of.  A Top 10 list!!   So without further ado I give you...


10. My interests and focus come in waves - As anyone who knows me for any length of time my interest in a certain topic of activity comes and goes like the seasons.  I have no idea why it happens but it just does.  I'll be completely on fire for something then just suddenly be bored and do something else completely unrelated.  Even the book I'm writing is on the shelf so to speak and has been replaced by wanting to play Team Fortress 2 and watch independent film (hoping my Paranoia DVD comes in today).  This seems to be the winter for my blog but maybe it'll come back around to summer.  Who knows

9. I'm not as funny as I hoped I would be/think I am

Besides "just wanting to" there were 2 other reasons that I wanted to get in to reviewing and starting this blog.  The first being that I am a great fan of comedic internet reviewers such as The Nostalgia Critic, The Cinema Snob, The Blockbuster Buster, and Todd in the Shadows.  They never fail to entertain me and were positive influences in how I started to look at things in life and examine why I liked things and why I disliked things.   Their works inspired me to do my own.   My second reason, however was to entertain and possibly do for others what those mentioned above did for me. 

A great part of being entertaining is being funny.  People have said that I am moderately funny and tend to laugh often when I'm around however that doesn't oven fall well in text form.  I have examined my own humor and it tends to come either from me being incredibly irritated/annoyed at something, or it's comments i can make as a reaction to something going on in the moment.   Neither of those types of humor translate well to reviews so while they may be enjoyable to read or to see something you haven't before, they aren't funny which was my initial hope leaving me running dry on ideas and motivation.

8. I'm lazy

So there you have it,  My Top 10 reasons why I can't seem to post something weekly on this blog.   I'll catch you next week, or next year or whenever I think about it.


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