Friday, January 11, 2013

This Blog in 2013

Hey everyone,

Thanks for clicking on this or at least showing some interest in the stupid things I do.  2012 was a bizarre yet fun year filled with laughs, tears, pain, and friends.  So, let's gear up for another round of the same then, shall we?

What am I going to do with this blog?
Well, I went through last year doing a lot of Video Game Reviews, Moral Stories, and one ramble about the Election.  I didn't do anything from the  "I found it on the Internet" thing I had planned on doing, nor do I have any intention anymore of doing that so consider that one dead on arrival.  Won't be doing that.

As far as video game reviews and Moral Stories, my plan is to continue them and have at least something out there every week but don't be surprised if you only get one thing for a week.  I also won't be doing video game reviews every single week. Reviewing Video Games takes a long time because there are so many aspects to a video game that need to be figured out or explored.  Many games are 40+ hours of gameplay and you have to get through the whole thing before you can really give a true review.  That's a lot of time spent that i just don't have.

I'm also going to attempt to make the reviews shorter.  I know they are very long and if i had the equipment i would be making video reviews because watching a 20 minute video is easier and better than reading 40 paragraphs of me whining. 

However with a new year comes a new segment I'm going to try out.

Ghost in the Case is going to be a segment where my "character" who reviews video games is going to step into the realm of movies.  Movies are faster to review because you just watch the 2-3 hour film maybe twice and you're done.  I have come to realize that I am far more a fan of film than I am of video games though i love both things.  It will be a little more to the serious side but i will still put some jokes in there because it's me and I have to have jokes. 

But with all the movie reviewers out there what will make this different?  Nothing REALLY but my main focus will actually be on movies that you may have missed.  Not some sort of really obscure indie film that only was released in San Fransisco or anything out there like that.  For the most part I will be focusing on films that most people don't talk about or when I bring them up most people respond with "Oh i haven't seen that."  Those kind of films whether they be good or bad will be the focus on that so maybe something you passed up before will get your attention.

I'm planning on having something out every Tuesday.  Whether it be a Video Game Review, Movie Review, or Moral Story.  I may do two things in a week I'm not sure of the schedule or my brain's ability to think, but at least every Tuesday I hope to have something out there.


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