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Ghost's Kitchen: Homemade Lemon Ice Cream

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Homemade Lemon Ice Cream

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Summer is definitely here and it's hot!!  As a child, I used to love summer because there was no school and I could just hang around with my friends, grandparents, and cousins all the time.  Now that I'm an adult my enjoyment of summer has degraded to an almost loathing.  Pretty much the only nice things I can say about Summer these days are... ummmm.... getting presents on my birthday which happens to be today and eating homemade ice cream.  That's... about it.

Homemade ice cream was always something I kind of avoided trying to make cause it was just one of those things that seemed overly complicated.  This theory was made more prevalent by the fact that it requires a special machine in order to make which also requires other elements to be bought to make the machine function in the proper way.  It was just too much of a headache to deal with, or so I thought.  Prices on ice cream makers have become very inexpensive as of late so my wife wished for us to have one and try out some different flavors etc.  Remembering that my mother had a lemon ice cream recipe I asked her for it and got to work.  Turns out I had been wrong and making homemade ice cream is incredibly simple.  Today I'll show you how!  Please Note: This is to be prepared the evening before you intend to make it.

Gather Your Ingredients
Since today's recipe requires some special equipment I will be placing that at the beginning this time.
  • Ice Cream Maker
    • 1 Large Bag of Ice
    •  Rock Salt
  • Juicer
  • Grater/Zester
  • Knife and Optional Cutting Board
  • Measuring Cups
  • Teaspoon
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Spoon or Whisk
  • 3 Cups Heavy Cream
  • 2 Cups Half and Half
  • 5-6 Lemons (enough to make 1 cup of juice)
  • 1 Teaspoon Lemon Extract
  • 2 Cups Sugar
1. Pour 3 Cups Heavy Cream and 2 Cups Half and Half in Mixing Bowl

2. Zest 1 Lemon
Take one of the lemons you intend to use for juice and grate off the bright yellow skin from the entire thing.  Don't go too deep with it.  Try to only take the top layer off.

3. Set Zest aside for later

4. Juice Lemons
Cut each lemon in half and grind them against the juicer until no more juice can be produced from either side.  This will take somewhere around 5-6 lemons in order to make a full cup of juice.  For us, it took six. 

5. Add Juice to Mixture

6. Add 1 Teaspoon Lemon Extract to Mixture

7. Add 2 Cups Sugar to Mixture

8. Add Zest to Mixture

9. Mix Thoroughly
You will want to continue mixing this concoction together until every bit of the sugar has been disolved.

10. Cover and Chill Overnight
While it is not entirely necessary, you may want to cover your bowl with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.  Simply put the bowl in the refrigerator until you intend to create the ice cream.  Please Note it must chill overnight.

11. Next Day - Pour your  mixture into the central column of your Ice Cream Maker

12. Assemble and Run your Ice Cream Maker per instructions.
Each Ice Cream Maker may be a little bit different though most run on the same principal.  Generally you put the mixer bar in the column, place it in the tub portion, attach it to the motor and turn it on.  Then you generally have a layer of Ice followed by a layer of salt and just keep on layering till it reaches the top of the column.

Side Note: All Ice Cream Makers will say that the machine will stop when the ice cream is ready and that should only take 30 minutes.  This is a lie.  I have never seen an ice cream maker just stop nor have I seen it only take 30 minutes.  Generally I just let the thing run for about 45 minutes to an hour and see if the ice cream has expanded and is thicker.  Generally this is so I just cut it off then

13. Once Ice Cream is Ready, Serve and Enjoy!

That's all there is to it!  I realize this is a 13 step recipe but honestly I could have just lumped placing everything in the mixing bowl into a single step.  This could easily have been a 6 step recipe but I figured I would just clearly list every single thing out that I possibly could.  This homemade ice cream is refreshing, light, fluffy, and absolutely delicious.  I hope you all get into Ice Cream Making this summer and try out this more uncommon choice of flavor.

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